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300th Anniversary




Since our Church was founded in 1716, we are giving thanks for the past and remembering the efforts of the founders and builders and those who have made us what we are today.  The meaning of our history is not in the past, but what we can bring to lives today and in the future.

We owe who we are to our heritage, to our faith tradition and to the courageous leaders in our past.  During this Tercentennial celebration we looked to the history of the congregation – remembering where we have been and who we have become.  And at the same time we look to the future, acknowledging what we have yet to do and who God has called us to be in this new world.  Our history has brought us here and will guide us forward.



 Memorial day parade

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The Memorial Day Parade was the first big public celebration of the 300th Anniversary of our Church.  Along with the new banners we are in celebration mode.  The parade float featured the model of our current church made by Bernie Hummel’s talented hand and put on a trailer with buntings with the help of Bryant Munson and pulled in the parade by Carmen DeLuca.  A great group of costumed church members sat on the float  or accompanied including John Tibor, Priscilla Bradford, Betsy Gumbart, Ellie Harple and Barbara Massey.  Rev. Scott Morrow stood in the shoes of one of our early pastors, Ezra Stiles or Benjamin Trumbull?  A great joy in the successful parade was enjoyed by all the bystanders. Congratulations to all who worked so hard and achieved so much.

Scott and Ellie